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I am Mikal kHill. I am a father, husband, MC, producer, hiphop/folk/chiptunes artist, multi-instrumentalist, original thoughtcriminal and expert pancake maker. I co-created the Browncoats Mixtape and the Slytherin House Mixtape with Adam WarRock.
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Currently up to #3 on the bandcamp daily hip hop charts!
Thank you so much to everyone that’s been sharing & grabbing the record!  
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Currently up to #3 on the bandcamp daily hip hop charts!

Thank you so much to everyone that’s been sharing & grabbing the record!  


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New album available today at
Art by Thor Thorvaldson.
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New album available today at

Art by Thor Thorvaldson.

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The Snuggle is REAL, my latest album and the focus of my life for the past several weeks is finally FINISHED.  It features collaborations with a lot of my friends & fam including MC Frontalot, Random, Adam WarRock, Chokeules, Ghettosocks, Timbuktu, Jesse Dangerously, Sulfur, Dr, Awkward and more.  It’s the most fun you’ll have being bummed out all year. 

Thank you so much if you’ve already copped the record, it was my biggest presale to date.  Tapes will be shipping in the next few weeks.  Over the course of the week I’ll probably be posting some more about how the album come together and stuff, but for now I’m just going to do a little victory dance and ask you to visit and give it a listen.


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This is the second song I’ve revealed in full from my new album, The Snuggle is REAL.  It was partially inspired by the time I lost a bunch of likes on facebook by poking fun at a videogame character.

The song also features my friends MC Frontalot & More or Les (mcfrontalot & moreorles on tumblr).  I am very excited about this fact, because they are both very good rappers and it’s the first time we’ve done a song in this particular configuration.  We all have very…  unique rap voices, and I think the contrast between our styles works really nicely on this.  

Anyways, it’s Saturday, which is traditionally the absolute worst time of the week to try to promote ANYTHING [though reblogging/sharing on facebook is ALWAYS appreciated and is a huge help].  That said I’m basically going to drop this in your lap and maybe talk about it more after the weekend when everyone is safely back at work and using the internet.  

The whole album drops on Tuesday, and you can preorder it at


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Now that she is here on tumblr, I just want to remind taylorswift that my offer to let her sing on one of my extremely depressing rap songs still stands.

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I was asked to do the “16 bar challenge” by shanathan. Originally I think that meant rapping 16 bars grind-time-style with no beat, but I opted to rap over an unreleased Elliott Smith instrumental, because I love Elliott Smith and I have always wanted to do that.  So that is what I did.  And I did 32 bars.  And a hook, sort of, where I didn’t really have any idea about what to do.  


Silly fun.  I look like hell in this video.  The song I’m rapping is one of the songs from my new album.  Preorder it at if you wanna.  It’s available on cassette!

EDIT:  There is no good way to directly respond to people on tumblr, but since someone asked, the thing on the wall under the framed picture is Meat Boy & Bandage Girl.  My daughter made them out of construction paper.

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  1. Go to  
  2. Click on 14-28 
  3. Comment “I want internet service providers classified as common carriers.”
  4. Done! 

Please reblog for people who have phone-related phobias or anxieties.

Be sure to hit “confirm” to send your comment.

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Home from my portion of wecandonothingherebutperish's tour!  We had a few final rounds of murdering Fronks in WarioWare for WiiU and then he hit the road for parts unknown.  Many thanks to the many folks that made it so rad and came and saw us or booked us for a show.

Wrapping up a few last bits of stuff on my new album and I’ll have more stuff to tell you about soon.

How is September treating you so far?

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That’s right, everyone: the first installment of the Skater X saga by me, joebloodyhunter and twobitjusticeleague (with a logo design by bigredrobot) begins today, and it can be yours on Comixology for only 99¢! It’s our riff on tokusatsu and teen drama, with all the McTwisting, rail grinding and nose manuals that you need to make your life a little more rad. Here’s what you need to know:

Written by:Chris Sims
Art by:Joe Hunter
Lettered by:Josh Krach
By:Dylan Todd
Price: $0.99
Available: Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sequence 01:The Break-Fist Club
KICKFLIP INTO ACTION! Ramp City High School has a big problem: students are turning into monsters whenever they’re faced with stress — and for teenagers, there’s stress around every corner. Good thing skateboard champ Theo and tech whiz Ria are there to stop them, but when the mid-term menace of Testor tears up the library, will they be thrashed before they even start?

Grab it right now and spread the word!

Hey! Look! Available now! You look nice today!


Joe also did the album art for Corrupted ArkHive & for my kHoopa shirts.

I also did a podcast theme for Chris once, and I like his articles on Comics Alliance, but I don’t really know him.  He still seems like a cool guy, though.  haha

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Chilling will planeswalkers (and rappers) Mikal KHill and Tribe One after their show at Super-Fly Comics and Games tonight.
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Chilling will planeswalkers (and rappers) Mikal KHill and Tribe One after their show at Super-Fly Comics and Games tonight.

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Looks like me and wecandonothingherebutperish are about to hop in the car together and do something like a week of shows.  

You can check to see the list of dates.

Mikal kHill Tour Dates

Tomodachi Life pics by leppardprint

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Me and @djroborob repping hard for @mikalkhill / @khillmatic.
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Me and @djroborob repping hard for @mikalkhill / @khillmatic.

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Those of you that know my music probably know where I stand on the issue of police brutality, but honestly I can barely find words for how distressing the current events in Ferguson are.  I’ve been being a lot more vocal about the issue on twitter, but, last night I was watching a live feed of police tear gassing and shooting rubber bullets at an unarmed and peaceful crowd and the only way I can think to really discribe the whole situation is “horrifying.”  I can’t even find the words.

The police are not your friends.

Stay safe.


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Just went live with the presale of my new album. If you wanna give more, you can help us cover gas for this current run of shows and my shows coming up at the end of august.

First song leaked: “Sinking Ship” featuring Schaffer the Darklord. The entire album features collaborative production from me and Andy Weant, with a bit of help from Cecil Belmont Decker of Salvo. You’ll want to check the guest list on this… I’m pretty stoked about it.

Fun fact I will prolly tell on every podcast I talk about this album on: STD and I wrote our verses without hearing each other’s and start our verses the same way by sheer coincidence. Or providence. I guess that’s your call.

The album is available as a digital download or a limited edition cassette.  No cd version is currently planned.

Here’s the tracklist as it currently stands unless I put some last-minute editions on before we go to press:

  1. mistakeover (featuring dj mo niklz) .
  2. outsiders (featuring Random) 
  3. grown unknowns (featuring Dopey Ziegler) 
  4. devil & the deep (featuring Dr. Awkward) 
  5. i hate summer (featuring Adam WarRock & Chokeules) 
  6. walkdown (featuring Sulfur) 
  7. challenge your audience (featuring MC Frontalot & More or Les)
  8. madworld (featuring kidDEAD & Shane Hall)
  9. sinking ship (featuring Schaffer the Darklord)
  10. light of day (featuring Jesse Dangerously) 
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