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I am Mikal kHill. I am a father, husband, MC, producer, hiphop/folk/chiptunes artist, multi-instrumentalist, original thoughtcriminal and expert pancake maker. I co-created the Browncoats Mixtape and the Slytherin House Mixtape with Adam WarRock.
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Oh my god, you guys. This EP is done. My first new solo project in 3 years. #crisis

Also, we just wrapped up the recording phase on Tribe One’s new EP.
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Oh my god, you guys. This EP is done. My first new solo project in 3 years. #crisis

Also, we just wrapped up the recording phase on Tribe One’s new EP.

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Finally getting around to painting my MPC 1000 the proper Luigi colors.
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Finally getting around to painting my MPC 1000 the proper Luigi colors.

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Some Malibu Shark Attack rehearsal footage from this weekend.

wecandonothingherebutperish on vocals.  thekeyofa and myself on guitars/backing vocals & the spirit of Rocky O’Reilly on drums & keys, etc.

Truly loving doing MSA stuff.  Next show featuring that stuff will be August 5th with Ceschi in Atlanta.  Details at 

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Via daneabernathy at Contagious Graphics.
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Via daneabernathy at Contagious Graphics.

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Here’s a little rehearsal video.  It’s thekeyofa on guitar, I play MPC1000 while I rap.  I have bedhead and my shirt is two sizes too small.  I am all weirdly reaching over some stuff to get to the MPC.  The audio gets weird (making the guitar too loud in weird spots).  It’s not perfect, but it’s an idea of some stuff we’re working on.  

I am definitely trying to hear from folks about whether or not they’d like to see us do this sort of thing live at some shows.  It’s something we’ve been toying with for a bit.  I’m always nervous about incorporating elements like this live because I worry that it’ll distract from what I’m actually rapping about, but yeah.  I wanna know what you think.

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If you’re interested, I have a seekhrit blog where I post non-music stuff.

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presales have ended.  thank you!



New kHoopa shirts are coming!  Printed on Tulltex shirts because they feel great and are cut right.  AND I’m including a free album download of your choice with your presale.  CLICK THIS SENTENCE TO PREORDER YOURS.  The image will fit on the front and it’ll be basically identical to the logo pictured above with the Mikal kHill in the “danzig” font and dry bones below it.

I’m making a large chunk of my catalogue that is out of print available as downloads during this promotion and ONLY during this promotion as well.  Every five dollars you pay over the initial cost of the shirts gets you an extra download code as well.  The initial cost is $20, so $25 gets you two download codes, $30 gets you three, $35 gets you four and so on.

Presale will end on July 7th, 2014 and this promotion ENDS on that day.

You can choose from the following releases, INCLUDING many of my releases which are no longer in circulation:

After you place your order, I will email you within 24 hours to ask what your choices are.  I hope to have the shirts shipping on or before 8/1/2014, if everything goes according to my sinister plan.  If you already have all my stuff or you opt out of the dl codes, I will pool those dl codes for future free giveaways.

This is the closest I get to a kickstarter, guys, and I have included a “just donating” option in the sizes for people that just want to donate to help out.

Thank you for your support!



PS:  If you want to know more about these shirts (exact measurements, etc) the manufacturer’s page is here:

PSS:  I’ve attempted to cover everyone possible with sizing, but please message me if I have failed at that!  Currently I am listing sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, and 5X.

PSSS:  The awesome art was conceived by me and executed by the amazing joehunterart!!!  He is awesome.

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MC Frontalot
Nerdcore Showcase, Flamingo Cantina, SXSW
Austin, Texas
3/11/2014 / facebook / twitter

Some pics of me gesturing, etc

I’m in the background in some of these.  Also, I didn’t realize Front had a Tumblrz.  Good list o’ zombie films there.

The show these pics are from was legitimately one of my favorite Frontalot performances, and I’ve seen him loads of times.  Me and WarRock were like, “Frontalot is killing it” the whole time.

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I looked at this VERY bootleg copy of Beyonce’s last record I bought for Laura on vinyl and realized, “Hey, that layout bears some resemblance to a record I put out a few years ago…”  ha

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Tracking vocals for new album in an undisclosed location.
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Tracking vocals for new album in an undisclosed location.

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Mikal kHill vs. Lana Del Rey - “East Coast/West Coast.”

I made a song out of one of my favorite songs on Ultraviolence, adding some drums/NES and moving some stuff around in the song before recording some rap verses over it.  

I tried to make a video clip thing for it on youtube and immediately got slapped with a copyright claim (ironically not for the music, but for the video) within 6 minutes of it going live.  The song is a free dl on soundcloud until it gets taken down (if it gets taken down).

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